The illusive 'catch'!

So often when we coach swimmers front crawl they are so consumed with getting the best 'catch' they forget about all the basics of swimming. We see so many people try to bend their bodies to aid what they think the best catch should be. We say you need to master the basics because there's no point in having a great 'catch' if your feet are trailing the floor because you have poor body position.

Once you have mastered BREATHING & BODY POSITION you can then focus on your arms and legs.

To create the best 'catch' position you need to ensure your head is down and you are rotating your body to ensure you hand can track under your shoulder.

One thing we have noticed is that if you have ever suffered from a rotator cuff injury you really should look at how your hand enters the water. If you enter thumb first you are internally rotating your shoulder and causing some wear and tear in the inside of your shoulder joint. Hand entry should be palm facing the bottom of the pool not the side.

Let us know how you get on finding your 'catch'



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