🎵 Hips don't lie 🎵

Don't worry we won't be breaking out into a Shakira song BUT we do love this title because its all about the hips and how much you use them when you swim front crawl. In this article Keri-anne explains how our hips are the key to 'effortless and efficient swimming'

Looking at the picture above can you see how Keri-anne's neck is still in line with her body and her shoulders and hips are stacked on top of one another. This is what we call ROTATION and is the second part of BODY POSITION.

Allowing your body to rotate from hips gives you so many advantages

1. You can keep your head flat and in line with your body when you turn to breathe, there's no need to lift the head to clear the mouth.

2. You add extra reach to every single stroke - if you normally take 20 stokes per 25m without or with little rotation, this can come down to 20 just by using your hips a bit more.

This is the secret to effortless swimming because you are putting in less effort and your body is in its most streamlined position!

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