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Updated: Jan 24, 2019

At Straight-Line Swimming we are all about ‘Empowering The World To Swim’ by developing high quality coaching qualifications and online continual personal development (CPD) courses. We have found that swimming coaching and teaching has become so complicated over the years and so many people are put off!

Although there’s loads of information out there about things that can improve a swimmers technique, it can be difficult – and confusing – to work out where to start. That’s where we come in!

SLS creators David Carry & Keri-anne Payne were constantly being asked for swimming tips all the time – it turns out there are a lot of people who want to feel more confident in the water, whether they are swimming in a local pool or taking to the open water. So David & Keri-anne set up their swimming retreat business, Triscape, and have helped coach over 1500 people to swim more efficiently in just over 2 years!

Through reverse engineering their own swimming strokes and consulting some of the worlds best swimming coaches they developed the Straight-Line Swimming method. It’s the most efficient way of getting from A to B in the water, and also the easiest. They designed it to help swimmers save time and energy in the water – that’s how Olympians get to the top of their game, and it can help anyone reach their potential in exactly the same way.

The Straight-Line Swimming methodology is based around three fundamental things – breathing, position and motion through the water. If swimmers get those right, they will become more efficient in the pool or in the open water. We have launched a series of CPD's that will go into much more detail of how you can coach any swimmer of any ability to swim in a more efficient way, find out more here.

Keri-anne & David decided that they need to share that knowledge of how to make swimming simple again by turning their swimming method into a coaching and tutoring business in order to help coaches around the world to be able to empower the world to swim!

So far they have been part of the new Swimming Teachers Association Level 2 Open Water Coaching Qualification and Master Tutor, Keri-anne, has qualified 54 new open water coaches in 2018. The SLS team have now turned their attention to creating a series of Straight-Line Swimming online CPD’s (continual personal development) for coaches to up-skill their coaching.



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